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Since 2013, Chris's Auto Repair has been committed to providing honest and dependable automotive service, making us a trusted resource in the community. We care for your car as if it were our own. Our dedicated auto diagnostic specialists will find what’s wrong with your car and fix it right the first time so you can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Get expert diagnostic service from the team at Chris's Auto Repair. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Meet Chris Rieger

Chris's Auto Repair started as a one-man shop in 2013. A good friend gave Chris the opportunity to start his own business in the back of his repair shop, recognizing Chris' attention to detail and his integrity. When Chris began his business, he knew that he could offer auto repair and customer service better than the competition and he wanted to offer the community something more. As word traveled about the great service, it wasn’t long before Chris needed to hire staff to handle the growing volume of work. He is fortunate to have some of the best auto professionals in South Dakota. They are committed to the same quality and exceptional customer service that launched Chris's Auto Repair.

Chris Rieger has over 10 years of auto repair experience. He grew up in Colorado Springs Colo. before moving to Highmore, SD. There he worked for the local Ford dealership where he learned many of the auto repair skills he uses today. Chris furthered his education by receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer networking while going north to the oil fields of North Dakota and Colorado as a roughneck. He moved to Sioux Falls, SD in 2011. Chris, who is married to co-owner Rachel, has four children. Chris loves to camp and fish, and he values learning in all aspects of life.